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Top 5 Best Ankle Braces For Basketball (2020) – Buyer’s Guide

Best Basketball Ankle Brace

If you are a basketball player or an athlete in general then you know how easy it is to sprain your ankle in the heat of the game. An Ankle Sprain is the last thing that an athlete or basketball player wants as his whole livelihood depends on his ability to land on his feet.  Approximately 40 percent of the injuries that take place during basketball are Ankle Sprains. There are some exercises that you can do to prevent Ankle Sprains but the most convenient and hassle-free way is to wear Ankle stabilizer. In this post, you will be presented with the Top 5 Best Ankle Braces For Basketball to choose the Best Basketball Ankle Brace for yourself.

An Ankle Brace will provide your better stability while preventing Ankle Sprains and sore muscles. Moreover, it is the best solution especially if you are already healing from previous injuries. While purchasing a Basketball Ankle Brace, you should look for one which is durable, fit, and comfortable. If it ticks these three requirements then you should look for style and design but, the previous three requirements should be on top of your priority list.

Best Basketball Ankle Brace

Buyers Guide: Factors To Consider Before Making The Purchase Decision:

Do you have a basketball match? What is your first concern right now? Oh, wait, the fear? Injuring your ankle? You know, every time a basketball player has his basketball match, he makes sure that he takes all the safety measures and dresses up comfortably because you know that in this game, you have to make jumps to put your ball in the basket or you just have to stop someone from doing that. Which means, jumps and landings. And when we have these rough or sudden landings, major chances are that we can have a sprain or we can just twist our ankle, which leads to anything like a break from playing your favorite game and that’s surely something that scares us! So it’s very important for every basketball player that he makes sure to wear Good Basketball Ankle Braces for the sake of safety and comfort. Furthermore, it’s very important for the braces to have a few features because there are a lot of them available, but not each is good enough to wear and take risks with. A few of the tips to follow before buying ankle braces are listed below:

  • COMFORTABLE: Always make sure that they are comfortable enough. Anything you’re wearing should make you feel comfortable rather than creating troubles for you and affect your confidence and motivation negatively.
  • TYPE: We have different types: Lace-ups Ankle Brace and Sleeves Ankle Braces and also Braces With Straps. It’s an important factor to understand what type of ankle braces you actually need. There are different types of ankle braces that are there in the market to serve for different needs like some people wear them for the sake of support or some wear them even when they have any sort of injury. Each has its own extent of protection, comfort, and support.
  • PERFECT FIT: A brace should be tight to an accurate extent, if it’s loose, it will be of no use as it won’t be providing you any kind of support. Whilst, if it will be way too tight, you won’t feel comfortable enough to play because it can stop the blood flow and that can cause pain or something worse. You have to make adjustments too accordingly depends on the type of ankle brace you are carrying.
  • LIFE: Always go for a pair that are durable enough that you don’t have to grab a new one after every while because the cheaper ones there lose their stiffness and elasticity and be of no use then.
  • BREATHABLE: Bad odor forever sucks, always try looking for Breathable Ankle Braces so your feet don’t smell bad and you don’t have any bacterial growth.

Last but not the least, it’s always better to stay safe and take every possible precaution when it comes to your health, confirm from a doctor first that what kind of ankle braces you should wear keeping in concern how often do you play or have matches, also most importantly your medical condition.

Top 5 Best Ankle Braces For Basketball

The top 5 Best Ankle Braces For Basketball are provided below along with their key feature, pros, and cons.

1- Med Spec ASO Ankle Stabilizer:

This Ankle Stabilizer is popular among professional and college athletes. Moreover, it is also highly recommended by orthopedic surgeons, professional trainers, and physical therapists. It is known for providing immense comfort, and support while being extremely durable.

Med Spec ASO Ankle Stabilizer

The fit is perfect as it is contoured like a natural foot. Its CoolFlex material makes it light which adds to the comfort and ease of wearing it. Moreover, its finger loops and straps ensure that optimal support is provided to the ankle. It could be considered the Best Ankle Brace For Basketball And Other Sports.

Highlighting Features
  • Fits every type of shoe.
  • Secure straps and laces.
  • Fits left and right foot.
  • Sturdy and durable.
  • Complies with the US manufacturing standards.
  • Light weight.
  • It fits every foot perfectly.
  • It provides optimal support and comfort.
  • Side straps keep your ankle positioned.
  • Not ideal for warm weathers.
  • Can cause blisters.

2- McDavid Ankle Brace, Ankle Support, Ankle Support Brace for Ankle Sprains, Volleyball, Basketball:

This ankle brace is ideal for major injuries and it also provides maximum support and protects your post-surgery ankle as well. It is lightweight and very easy to slip on over your shoes. You adjust the ankle brace without having to remove your shoe. Moreover, it is breathable, lightweight, and provides ideal comfort and support.

McDavid Ankle Brace For Basketball

It is a very popular Ankle Brace For Basketball And Volleyball especially, if you are targeted with ankle injuries because no matter what but, the steel spring stays in place. The only hard part is that lacing up them takes a bit time but, that is okay if you are getting optimum support and comfort.

Highlighting Features
  • Easily adjustable.
  • Constructed with 1 layer of polyester.
  • Unique strap design.
  • Available in different sizes.
  • Provides support and comfort.
  • Lightweight.
  • Inexpensive and affordable.
  • Easy to wear.
  • Reduces mobility.
  • Keeps ankle positioned.
  • Not comfortable for high arch feet.
  • Too tight for some feet sizes.
  • It does not fit all shoe sizes.

3- Zamst A2-DX Strong Support Ankle Brace:

Zamst A2-DX Ankle Brace wraps up your entire ankle to provide relief and support to it. Apart from stabilizing your ankle, this product also alleviates edema and recovers previous injuries while protecting your feet from other potential injuries. Its adjustable straps allow feet diversity which means that it can fit all types of feet and shoes.

Zamst A2-DX Strong Support Best Basketball Ankle Brace

Its Grip Tech feature prevents all sorts of feet eversion and inversion and keeps your foot positioned in one place. This ankle brace has a weird shape, such as, that it takes a little while for you to adjust to the ankle brace. Despite the fact that it is bulky, it still remains quite comfortable while playing sports. Overall, this ankle brace is a high-end product made for athletes who have recurring ankle problems.

Highlighting Features
  • Worn overshoes.
  • Has a firm yet comfortable grip.
  • Comes with 2 plastic guards.
  • Comfortable and sturdy.
  • Affordable and inexpensive.
  • It helps reduce pronation.
  • Prevents and recovers injuries.
  • Compresses feet too much.
  • Slightly uncomfortable.
  • The fit is not impressive.
  • Too bulky.

4- Ankle Brace for Plantar Fasciitis and Ankle Support:

This Swedish brand believes that no injury should stop you from enjoying a sport and hence they have come up with an ankle brace that lets you give your best performance without worrying about future or existing injuries. This Ankle Brace For Basketball keeps your foot positioned which helps you recover faster with minimal pain, discomfort, or swelling.

Ankle Brace for Plantar Fasciitis and Ankle Support

Moreover, it compresses your foot just the right amount and does not make it hurt. Their goal is to prevent injuries so, you do not have to worry about the recovery.

Highlighting Features
  • Unisex design.
  • Improves blood circulation.
  • Provides firm and comfortable support.
  • Quickens the recovery process.
  • Minimizes pain during exercise.
  • Comfortable and supportive.
  • Easy to slide on.
  • Good fit.
  • Lightweight.
  • Do not fit feminine feet.
  • It does not cover many areas.

5- Liomor Ankle Support Breathable Ankle Brace for Basketball Running Ankle Sprain Men Women:

It offers less support as compared to the other Basketball Braces mentioned in this list however, it is good enough for people on a budget. It only comes in limited sizes, such as, small, medium, large and extra-large which is indeed a drawback because other feet are being deprived of an amazing ankle stabilizer like the Liomor Ankle Support.

Liomor Best Ankle Support Breathable Ankle Brace for Basketball

This one is better than the rest but, not as good as the ones mentioned above. It feels like this ankle brace should not be sold at this price. Sure, it is good but, it is like any other ankle brace and nothing special is attached to this product.

Highlighting Features
  • Fits both left and right feet.
  • Made of high quality elastic.
  • Moisture absorbing material.
  • Durable and practical design.
  • Comfortable and sturdy.
  • Affordable and inexpensive.
  • Prevents injuries.
  • Easy to wear.
  • Reduces mobility.
  • Keeps ankle positioned.
  • Support is limited.
  • Bulky.
  • It does not support high arch feet.


To conclude, we can easily say without contradiction that choosing the right basketball brace is hard since you have a lot to choose from but you can do your research and pick the best one for yourself. This comprehensive guide will help you choose the best basketball brace for yourself from the top 5 best ones in the market. It is always better to do your own research and read reviews posted by customers. Remember, the best basketball brace is the one which ticks the majority of the boxes as your needs because you are the one who will be wearing it hence, it should be ideal for you.