Intex Floating Hoops Basketball Game – Review With Pros And Cons

Intex Floating Hoops Basketball

Children love to play under the sun in the pools during the summer season. It is the best way to kill heat in the intense summer season and of course, it gives little kids something to do during the summer break as well! The intex floating hoops basketball game is a perfect entertainment for small children in the water. High quality, affordably priced and bright colored – this basketball hoop game is wonderful fun for younger children in the sun.

Intex Floating Hoops Basketball Game Is an Excellent Choice for Pool Basketball Hoop. It damn easy to carry and can be excellent for choice for both children and adults for pool basketball game.

Intex Floating Hoops Basketball

Highlighting Features of Intex Floating Basketball Hoop:

  • It is a very attractive looking PVC basketball hoop.
  • It is available in two color combination options; orange and yellow/ red and green.
  • This is a very compact size and manually inflatable basketball hoop.
  • It is ideal for children aged from 4 to 8 years of age.
  • There is a seven vinyl gauge basketball hoop for increasing flexibility.
  • There are up to 10 gauges and 15 gauges on two respective hoops that come free of cost with this basketball game.
  • The dimensions of the Intex swimming pool basketball game are 26.5 inches by 21.5 inches.

Intex Floating Hoops Basketball Pros And Cons:

  • The children love it.
  • It is very attractive and appealing in looks.
  • The PVC quality of the basketball game is high quality.
  • It is a great value product for a reasonable quality price.
  • It lacks product warranty.
  • It comes with a age restriction bracket.

Final Verdict For Intex Floating Basketball Hoop:

If you want to keep your child engaged in the summer, this basketball game to play ball in the water is the perfect leisure activity. It is a value product for a good price too. The only letdown is of course that it comes with lack of warranty but other than that it is a great child-friendly product.

Intex Floating Hoops Basketball


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