Lifetime 90023 Portable Basketball System, 44 Inch Backboard- Review

Lifetime 90023 Portable Basketball system

Lifetime 90023 is a famous Portable Hoop with a huge 44-inch backboard. Lifetime 90023 Portable Basketball System includes a 44″ x 30″ x 2″ Acrylic Fusion backboard (with pro glass look) which is virtually unbreakable. The backboard is really tough and gives a professional look because of its huge size and glass look.

It is included on one of the top rated Portable Basketball Hoops because of its Pro features and good quality material which is also the main reason behind its amazing users reviews.

Lifetime 90023 includes all the advanced and professional features. It is included in one of the most sold Amazon basketball systems products.

Below we are going to review the hoop in details, explaining every feature, its material quality and of course its pros and cons.

Lifetime 90023 Portable Basketball system

  • 44 inches Acrylic Fusion Backboard with pro glass look.
  • Quick Adjust II height adjustment feature from 8 to 10 inches using Broomstick or Post.
  • 18-inch Slim-It Rim with double compression spring for extra bouncy action. With All Weather Net.
  • 31 Gallon Base which can be filled with water or sand.

Lifetime 90023 Portable Basketball System – Review:


Lifetime 90023 includes a huge professional looking backboard which is really tough. Dimensions of the backboard are 44″ x 30″ x 2″, it is made up of Acrylic Fusion which is a tough material and it makes the backboard virtually unbreakable. The backboard has a pro-glass look Acrylic backboard can withstand any harsh conditions. Assembling or fixation of backboard with the pole is really easy and it can be done without any tool. Backboard is made resistive to water and light.

Hoop Pole:

Pole of the hoop comes in 3 pieces having 3-inch diameter and black in color. It is coated with a special powder which makes it weather resistive. Lifetime 90023 also comes with height adjustment feature which allows you to adjust height between 8 – 10-inches using broomstick. It includes Quick Adjust II technology for height adjustment which makes it really easy. Pole of the hoop has a maximum length of 10 inches but it can be adjusted by using Quick Adjust II height adjustment feature.

Pole of the hoop needs to be fixed with backboard and base. This fixation is really easy and does not require any technical skills. Anyone can fix them easily by just following the guideline mentioned in the user’s guide. Pole is coated with resistive material which makes it all weather resistive.

One of the con or disadvantages of lifetime 90023 is that you need a broomstick for adjusting its height. Although it is not a big issue still it is a deficiency.

Rim And Net:

Lifetime 90023 includes 18-inch Slim-it rim, build with a 5/8-inch ring of solid steel and with 1/2″ steel braces with double compression springs which allow you to slim it like a pro. The rim coated with resistive material. It is red in color. Lifetime also includes all-weather net.

Portable Base:

Lifetime 90023 includes 31-Gallon portable basketball base which made of good quality plastic and no serious complaints of leakage have been reported yet. The 31 Gallon Base can be filled with water or sand. It portable and really too easy to lift. Base is made of really good quality material so don’t worry about leakage etc. However, it is requested to fill it with tap water or sand, Hot water can damage the material.

Lifetime 90023 Portable Basketball System:

Lifetime 90023 has a shipping weight of 66 pounds. Shipping is available only inside US. Once order, the products hardly takes 7 days to shipped. Use the below Buy Now button to get Free shipping

Lifetime 90023 Portable Basketball system

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