Popular Backboard For Basketball Hoop – Review And Pros And Cons

Setting up your own basketball court is definitely a fun thing but there are a lot of things which you need to take care of before setting it up. A basketball hoop is a major component and in it, the backboard is something that matters the most. To guide you on this factor, I have come up with a guide in which you are going to learn about different types of backboards for basketballs hoops and also the factors which you must keep in mind before buying a backboard. So let us now start with our guide without wasting any more of your time.

Things To Remember before buying a Backboard:

Here is a list of all the things which you need to keep in mind before buying a backboard.

  • The most important factor for a backboard is its rigidity. If a backboard is not rigid enough, there is no point in buying that board. You can check the rigidity of a backboard by looking at the material. Acrylic and Polycarbonate boards are known to provide the best rigidity and in them, polycarbonate is preferred.
  • The thickness of the board is another important factor. Thickness is directly proportional to the strength and if your backboard is thick enough, it won’t break while bearing the strongest of shots.
  • Buying glass gives you a better shot for a long and durable basketball hoop. The glass backboards are strong and durable and breaking them is much difficult than the other material. So, if you have a good budget, go for glass backboard.

So, these were the few factors which you must consider before buying a basketball backboard.

Types of Backboards for Basketball Hoops:

1- Polycarbonate:

For basketball lovers, who have a limited budget and still want things such as strength, rigidity, durability, and thickness, they should go for a backboard made of polycarbonate. There is very less difference between the polycarbonate type of boards and acrylic type of boards. But since Polycarbonate is more durable and is easily available on the standard sports shops, this is the most recommended type of backboard for a basketball hoop.

Polycarbonate backboard

2- Acrylic:

As I have already said that there is not much different between the acrylic and polycarbonate types of basketball. However, this is even cheaper but comes with less rigidity. But if you are going low on budget and want to compromise on quality a little bit then you should go for acrylic.

arylic backboard basketball hoop

3- Glass:

What if you have a good budget and you want the best? Well, in this case, the thing you want is glass. This is the most recommended backboard for a basketball hoop which is used in the NBA and another professional level. It is rigid, thick, and strong which makes it durable for a long time and it is one of the most difficult things to break in this world.

glass basketball backboard

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