Top Basketball Hoop Scholarship 2017 – Sports Scholarship

Following up my passion I created this website on basketball which is now doing amazing. This business is increasing day by day and we just thought to help someone out there just like me. So, here we are with a Sports Scholarships For all those youngsters who are passionated about their career in sports. By this Scholarships, we want to help that young talent who are facing financial problems and due to that they cannot concentrate or give time to their game.

The selection will be purely on merit basis and will be announced on the official notification bar of this site. There will be no discrimination between student applying individually and those who are applying on the behalf on any school or college. Both will be given same tasks.

Requirements For This Sports Scholarship:

  • You must need to mention in the sport for which you are applying, In the application form.
  • You must submit document, video or any other source of info that shows that you have been playing that sport for at least 2 years.
  • The Applicant must need to have participated in at least 1 school or town level championship (trophy or any other league) in that specific sports.
  • You need to have a valid reason for applying for this scholarship (Our aim is to support to those talented students who are facing financial crises).
  • You will have to write an attractive essay of 1000-2000 words on any topic. We want to check your knowledge in your sport 
  • Any other documents, certificate trophies or awards that you have received by good performance in that sport.

How To Apply:

Read the instructions and requirements carefully before applying. Emil your documents and essay at [email protected]

How To Write The Essay:

One of the main requirement of the scholarship is that to write an essay comprising of 1000-2000 words about any particular topic in your sports niche. It can be a review of any product like Pool Basketball Hoop or any tutorial or guide related to that sports. 

Essay of overview of previous trophies and international leagues in that sport will also be accepted.

Note: It’s not a writing scholarship so don’t worry if you do not have good writing skills. We just want to see how much you know about your sports.

Last 250-300 words of the essay should be about how you see yourself in this sports and will you would like to choose it as a career or not.

Scholarships Awards:

  • Scholarship of 800$ for student of age 18-23.
  • Scholarship of 500$ for students of age 10-18.
  • Sports kit Special Scholarship for student of age 7-10.


We are accepting applications till 15 Nov 2017.

The Winner Will be Announce on 1 Jan of 2018.

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