Lifetime Elite 52 Portable Basketball Hoop Review And Features

Lifetime 52 Portable basketball Hoop is a huge basketball hoop with 52 inches Makrolon Backboard which is lifetime elite 52 portable basketball hoopreally tough and much stronger than acrylic.  Elite 52 Inch includes solid steel Slam it rim with a double compression spring for spring back action. It includes a Patented pneumatic Power Lift system which enables you to quickly
adjust height between 7.5 to 10 feet. Lifetime elite 52 portable basketball hoop also include a big 35 gallon powdered coated base which is rust and all weather resistant with 5 year warranty

Lifetime 52 xl portable basketball system is Portable, Height Adjustable and Shatterproof with polycarbonate backboard.

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Lifetime Elite 52 Key Features:

  • Adjustable Height With Power Lift system From 7.5 to 10 feets
  • Solid Steel Slam-it Resistive Double Rim With Double Compression Spring
  • 35-Gallon Portable Base
  • 52-inch Shatterproof Polycarbonate Backboard
  • 5 year Warranty
  • Free Shopping

Lifetime Elite 52 Portable Basketball Hoop Material Quality:

1- Backboard:

Backboard is main part of any basketball hoop that needs to be really tough and strong. Lifetime 52 portable basketball system inlcudes a shatterproof tough polycarbonate backboard which is virtually unbreakable. Backboard of the is really strong and can withstand extreme condition. Backboard of the hoop printed with special fade-resistant graphics to show the target point. The polycarbonate backboard is supported by steel frame and measures 55W x 1D x 33H inches. The Backboard is mounted with a 3.5 diameter powder-coated telescoping steel pole which can be easily adjusted with one hand.

2- Steel Pole:

Lifetime 52 Inch Portable Basketball Hoop System includes a 3.5 diameter steel pole which is powder coated to make it resistive. The Pole includes Power Lift system technology which enables it to get adjust with one hand and by apply extremely low pressure. The pole includes a holder with which it can be easily adjusted with one hand. The pole is resistant to rust and weather. It includes Patented pneumatic Power Lift phenomina with which the pole can be adjusted from 7.5 to 10 feet in 6-inch increments. 

3- Portable Base:

Lifetime elite 52 portable basketball hoop includes a 35-Gallon Portable base which can be filled with water or sand, The base is powder coated which makes it rust resistive. The base is made up of excellent quality of plastic with no chance of leakage. The base can be filled up with sand or tap water. Dont use freezing or hot water in the base because it can damage it. Base provides stability and portability to the hoop.

4- Rim And Net: 

Lifetime 52 portable basketball hoop also include solid steel, Slim-It rim with double compression spring and all weather net. Net of the hoop is double spring which provides an extra bouncy action like a pro game. The rim measures 18 inches and is made from 5/8-inch solid steel. It also include 70-gram all weather  nylon net.

Lifetime Elite 52 Portable Basketball Hoop Shipping Details:

Lifetime Elite 52 Portable Basketball Hoop includes free shipping within max 7 days. Shipping weights 105 pounds. it also include 5 year warranty.

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